Natural Holistic Medicine Woman

I'm new at the blog world, but had some of my geek buddies that I love walk me through this. These geek buddies are awesome business dudes that are actually patients of mine that felt blogging is imperative to let the world know about holistic medicine.

I have been a physician for 20 years and started holistic medicine 4 years ago. Conventional medicine I know like the back of my hand. Traditional medicine which is Chinese, holistic, homeopathic, eastern, energy, American Indian has centuries of experience and study after study that supports the use of herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, and the laying on our hands. I have seen actual miracles of healing that I did not see with conventional medicine alone. The healing process involves mind, body, and spirit and one will not heal without the aspects of the others. We are a living organism that should not wait for the treatment of symptoms to know what we have to do to prevent the disease state in the first place. Follow us along on this website as we present options for health, treatment of disease, and smiles for your family.

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