Cranial-Sacral Manipulation

Cranio-sacral manipulation refers to hands being placed on your head with differing pressure. The point is that there is motion in the skull bones. They are not fused together like chalking in the bathtub. There are hundreds of small interdigitations along a suture line. These maintain until the day you die. Those osteopaths that have been trained feel subtle movements and "hang-ups" when a small interdigitation is stuck. Much like a door that won't close smoothly at one point in the frame from rubbing. You must go to someone skilled with experience. The head which is the cranio part and the sacral which is the tailbone part is connected. There is flow of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) from around the center part of your head down along the spine to the end of your tailbone. There is movement that is or so subtle that is our life force.

Headaches can be treated along with general fatigue, back pain, feeding difficulties in newborns, neck pain, chronic pain, and visual difficulties just to mention a few. The treatments are very relaxing and should be part of a whole body approach to treating your body. The treatments can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour on an average. Often going home for a nap to allow the changes facilitated by the doctor's hands will be welcomed. But, you will survive returning to work if necessary.

The cranio-sacral movement ceases in death, so preservation of normal movement is necessary for our general health and well-being. Any car accident or fall affects our head with a force that can be stored for years in the fluid mechanics palpated with our hands. Cranio-sacral treatments can release these trapped forces for normal function of our CSF flow therefore betterrment of our health.

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