Holistic Nutrition for your Any Disease and Good Health

Wow, what a topic. To think that nutrition is really the key to how our cellular function works. It's true. What we put in our bodies or what we don't affects how our body can function on a cellular level. Aristotle stated so eloquently, let our food be our medicine, not our medicine be our food.

The nutritional level of our food has dropped at a screaming rate. It now takes 240 oranges to give us the same vitamin C we had in one orange in 1970 when I was in high school. It now takes 10 pounds of spinach to give us what one pound gave us in 1970. The bottom line is that we can not physically eat what we need to get all the nutrients we require. So all of us need vitamins and minerals for supplementation. The key is to get with someone who has the chemistry, not just selling the product for a profit. A CCN, certified clinical nutritionist is the place to start or like our center where we work as a group providing your health care. Not all supplements are created the same. You have to know you have quality, another words 50 mg is really in the capsule and then what are the human data studies to back up that you can absorb the nutrients.

Dairy another whole blog, but just an introduction here is the most inflammatory food you can imagine. It is the source of leaky gut syndrome, allergic component etiology, pesticides, and xenoestrogens (false hormones). Look at www.milksucks.com and www.notmilk.com for more true facts on dairy and the diseases we face. When the chair of the Harvard pediatric department is writing books, Do Not Drink Your Milk, we had better listen. More blogging on this later.

So, for the best health a triad of care is needed for both male and female, bioidentical natural hormones, vitamin supplementation, and exercise. A dairy free is diet is an absolute for avoiding terrible diseases and curing any that we may have. Blessing to all those who are trying to change their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Keep listening, don't be conned by advertisments. Dr. OZ

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