Medication Management

Medications from the pharmaceutical companies are there to often treat symptoms and sometimes, probably rarely should they be used. We should use foods, dietary changes, herbs, and vitamin supplements to change our body function to allow it to heal itself.

The body is like a new house going up. If you have too many nails and not enough drywall then the house will not be as planned. Something has to give. We get a new body every seven years and if we give it what it needs to heal itself there will be no need for lists of drug company medications.

Most medications for diabetes, hypertension, depression, mental disorders, arthritis, rhumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancers, asthma, COPD, IBS, crohn's, disease, celiac sprue, and high cholesterol just for starters have equivalent treatments with herbal or homeopathic medications with little to no side effects compared to the drug company choices recommended by your doctor. As doctor's we are educated by the pharmaceutical industry with their grants to our med schools, as are pharmacists and nurses and we are brain washed not to know anymore. The demanding of the public is allowing this scientifically based holistic medicine to help so many more people.

You have choices and you have hope to feel better, not just survive with debilitating symptoms. See a holistic physician and hopefully a holistic center that put together all your needs for a healthy body and mind. Dr. Alt

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