Why A Gluten Free Diet

Why A Gluten Free Diet

Addictive behavior and cravings could be the result of your gluten intolerance. Out of control eating habits are not always your fault. When you are diagnosed with a gluten allergy, then you know only too well what havoc this can cause from eating gluten or even worse having hidden gluten in your diet. Here is some advice that may help you the next time you have out of control bread or sugar cravings due to ingesting gluten.

What Causes Gluten Intolerance?

When you have a gluten allergy you must watch all foods, drinks and supplements such as vitamins and protein powders. For some like myself you want to check your hair and body products, such as shampoo, conditioner and body lotions. Once the product you eat or use gets in the blood stream the reaction is catastrophic.

Gluten is a protein that comes from wheat and related grains. Another name for wheat allergies is celiac disease. Celiac disease causes the lining of the small intestines to become damaged so they cannot absorb the nutrients that are important to keep the body healthy.

Most importantly, for some of us, grain based foods do not offer nutrients that the body needs to survive. So for those with wheat and gluten allergies not having the proper nutrients will trigger desires and or hunger.

Hidden Wheat In Your Food

If you are eating food that you believe has no gluten in it, but there are hidden ingredients, you most likely will develop symptoms such as cravings. Stick as closely as you can to the foods that you know without a doubt have no gluten in them. These foods will be the ones that you have eaten in the past and you found that you had no cravings after.

Also, if you are not sure call the company that manufactures the food you would like to eat and ask them if their product has gluten in it. The words that you want to look for in the ingredients are "artificial flavor," this is an area where hidden gluten's are sometimes added to your foods.

Going Gluten Free

If you are just starting to eat gluten-free, it does not have to cost you too much money. Make simple adjustments, such as, eggs, fresh meats, potatoes, fruits and veggies. This will make your new way of eating easy to think about and less expensive.

What To Do Concerning Food Cravings?

Now, here is a couple of reasons that I decided to write this article today. One, I needed a subject to write about and two, I woke up this morning wondering why I was craving breads, cookies, and sugar for the last two weeks. Well, the best way I know to explain it is like this:

"Before the last two weeks of cravings began, I started a gluten-free diet in which I did not crave any bread or sugar. In fact, I did not crave anything at all, I had a normal appetite with appetite control. Well... I got invited to a small house party two weeks ago and of course there were desserts and one of the delicacies was chocolate cake and I thought I could handle just a small bite.

So... thinking what could possible go wrong I took the plunge! Needless to say life has been downhill from there. Later that evening I had to have more sugar and I felt like the cookie monster from Sesame Street when he asked for C-O-O-K-I-E-S."

Even a small amount of gluten caused the same symptoms as if I had eaten an entire cake. The symptoms are usually cravings, mood swings and weight gain. I knew when I took the bite there would be repercussions, however, what I didn't know was that the repercussions would last as long as two weeks.

So I of course started out on a mission to stop cravings in their tracks, so here is what I have found that works for me along with other research I found:

Realize right away that you are craving sugar which could have come from eating wheat or coming in contact with hidden gluten.
A tablespoon of honey usually helps sugar cravings. This is because honey helps with any sort of allergies that your system may deal with. Once you take the honey it takes about 1 hour to work.
Herbal tea is another option. I made some chai tea and added a smidgen more of cinnamon and this seemed to take the cravings away.
Also, adding cinnamon to your foods because it is sweet to taste has been known to satisfy the cravings of a sweet tooth. I found that adding honey and cinnamon together helped.

Being careful of what we eat either on purpose or because of hidden ingredients can help to get rid of cravings for sugar, bread and doughnuts. Also, by using the tips above should keep us from having to continually deal with these symptoms.


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