Effectively Treat Multiple Sclerosis Lesion And Repair Central Nerve Damages Using Natural Products

Effectively Treat Multiple Sclerosis Lesion And Repair Central Nerve Damages Using Natural Products

Effectively Treat Multiple Sclerosis Lesion and Repair Central Nerve Damages Using Natural Products

I have discovered that Wei Laboratories has very precise herbal merchandise. Their Brown Juice product is very beneficial to improve the more than one sclerosis circumstance.  You can revel in the consequences in as quick as two weeks.  If you've got in addition questions, I suggest you call Wei Laboratories at 1-888-919-1188, e mail: wei@weilab.Com.  Click www.Weilab.Com or further data.

Multiple sclerosis may also due to a continual disorder of lipid metabolism.  The neuron myelin sheath consists in general of lipid bilayers.  When the lipid composition in the blood is unbalanced, the damaged lipid bilayers of the myelin sheath cannot be replaced directly.  This can also cause the immune system’s infection response and sooner or later lead to scar formation (lesions) within the brain and spinal column.

To help sufferers with such conditions, it's miles encouraged to

1) Apply the WHITEE Patch over the lesions in the spinal column based totally at the prognosis of the MRI or CAT test to dissolve the scar;

2) Take Brown Juice and LC Balancer to enhance the liver shape and function to restore the suitable blood lipid composition that is vital for the harm repair on the myelin sheath.

A very high fulfillment rate (over ninety%) in treating MS patients has been finished with the Brown Juice product. Patient should have major improvement with 2-three weeks treatment of WHITEE Patches along side the Brown Juice and LC Balancer.  More huge improvement (over 50%) can be accomplished with 3 months treatment.   Longer duration treatment is recommended for further improvement. 

Complication with susceptible kidney features

As sufferers’ liver is improving, a tremendous quantity of waste products may be produced with the aid of the multiplied liver sports.  If patients’ kidney feature is susceptible, the surprising load of waste molecules may not be capable of be filtered out from the blood promptly.  The waste molecules within the blood can cause exhaustions with symptoms consisting of anxiety, fatigue, depressed, achy bones, burning skins, sleepy, and many others.  The Xcel Capsule is recommended to enhance kidney feature in order that the wastes can be cleared up.

Maintenance remedy

In order to keep the improved condition, it's miles advocated to take a maintenance dosage of Brown Juice and LC Balancer for excessive cases or take as wanted for moderate and slight cases.  The upkeep dosage of the Brown Juice need to be adjusted in line with the depth of the signs and symptoms.  It may be as little as 1/3 or ¼ regular dosage, or up to one.5 X to 2X regular dosage can be required if the routine symptom can not be cleared up on the regular dosage.

Usage information:

WHITEE Patch: Keep the patch on for forty eight hours and take a 24 hour wreck earlier than applying the next one.  Take a 2 week wreck after using 6 Patches, then resume remedy with every other 6 Patches.  Continue such alternated treatment for the entire 3 months length.

Brown Juice:  Take 100ml (1/2 cup) consistent with day.

LC Balancer: Take 1 teaspoon, three instances according to day.


1)                  The Brown Juice must be used along with the LC Balancer to prevent constipation.

2)                  If patients experience anxiety, hot sensation or flu like symptom after taking the Brown Juice, the Xcel Capsule is recommended to enhance kidney function so that the waste molecules from stronger liver activity may be filtered out promptly.

Three)                  Please avoid using ice to lessen ache.  It will sluggish and interrupt the body’s repair approaches.

Four)                  Patient can also increase nearby pores and skin rashes after using the WHITEE Patch.  Such rashes may be part of the recovery procedure due to the metabolic pollution from the removal of damaged tissue introduced to the skin floor, causing the infection.  Application of Aloe Vera gel is suggested. 

Five)                  Patients with preexisting gastro-intestinal sensitivity may additionally enjoy recuperation ache inclusive of a stomachache or free stool after taking the LC Balancer, lasting as much as a 1 week length.

6)                  Patients who're taking high dosages of nutrients or minerals should reduce them to the regular dosage to avoid overdose, as LC Balancer improves nutrient absorption.

7)                  The LC Balancer can be mixed with different liquids which include soda or juice to improve the taste.

Eight)                  There are not any known contraindications to current medicinal drugs.


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