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Gerald Flurry may be the pastor general from the Philadelphia Chapel of Lord and publisher in chief from the Trumpet information magazine, that he started publishing within 1990. He's also creator and chairman from the Armstrong Worldwide Cultural Basis, known because of its cultural, altruistic and humanitarian actions, and creator and chancellor associated with Herbert WATTS. Armstrong University in Edmond, Okla.
Gerald Flurry is really a native Oklahoman delivered in Okla City within 1935 in order to parents Clarence (deceased 1977) as well as Jicie (deceased 1997). He or she married Barbara Jean Maker, September 5, 1964, plus they had 2 children, Laura as well as Stephen. Barbara Flurry passed away in 2004 following suffering the stroke.
Gerald Flurry joined up with the Globally Church associated with God (WCG) within 1960 as well as graduated through Ambassador University in Pasadena, Ca, in 1970. Then worked for that churchs content department as well as wrote for that Plain Reality magazine prior to being ordained the minister within 1973.
For more than 35 years he's remained within the ministry full-time. Mr. Flurry served like a pastor within the Worldwide Chapel of God before church disowned it's founder, Herbert Armstrong, as well as his theories after their death within 1986.
Upon seeing the modifications in chapel doctrine from Mr. Armstrongs theories, Mr. Flurry stepped into a rigorous study from the Bible to find the reason for the betrayal he or she was seeing. The outcome was the manuscript entitled Malachis Information to Gods Chapel Today. Originally written within the spring associated with 1989, once the new direction within the Worldwide Chapel of Lord was, to a lot of of it's members, not so perceptible, the guide was primarily meant to alert the actual ministry from the WCG in regards to what was truly happening, as well as secondarily in order to alert the actual Church regular membership. When an earlier draft from the book was delivered to the interest of WCG management in Pasadena, Ca, Gerald Flurry as well as his helper, John Amos, were fired using their positions because WCG ministers. Mr. Flurry instantly founded the actual Philadelphia Chapel of Lord on Dec 7, 1989 within Edmond, Okla.
After the actual Worldwide Chapel of Lord ceased publishing Armstrongs composing and current supplies associated with his main works had been exhausted, Mr. Flurry effectively defended the actual Philadelphia Chapel of Gods to publish as well as freely deliver 19 associated with his functions, obtained via a six-year lawful battle from the WCG, which attemptedto use the actual books personal copyrights to maintain them from print.
Gerald Flurry offers visited more than 20 countries such critical areas since the Middle Eastern, South The african continent, Europe as well as Asia, ending up in key worldwide news experts. He offers authored more than 30 publications including Malachis Information to Gods Chapel Today, The actual God Loved ones Vision, and also the Last Hr.
As presenter from the Key associated with David tv program, that he started in 1993, Gerald Flurry looks at world events within the light associated with Bible prediction and proclaims the actual soon-coming come back of Christ Christ in order to Earth - in order to save mankind in existence and usher-in the actual peaceful, pleased, wonderful Globe Tomorrow. Via broadcast, print as well as personal look campaigns he or she also prophesies again within the tradition associated with Herbert WATTS. Armstrong the sobering warning from the unprecedented globe troubles simply ahead, that will precede Christs 2nd coming.

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