Litter-Alley Wonderful Natural Hammer toe Cat Litter is really a revolutionary brand new organic kitty litter produced from pelletized hammer toe cobs. This amazing kitty litter box fully makes use of the natural advantages of corn cobs. It absorbs incredible levels of liquid, neutralizes urine smell and clumps such as clay kitty litter.

WE. 100% Organic: No Artificial Chemicals, Clays or even Perfumes. It's completely Dog & People-friendly. Unlike the majority of cat litters which are mined through clay or even artificially created, This litter is made of all-natural ingredients without any added chemical substances or fragrances, so it's totally secure for felines and everyone.
The chemical-free litter is particularly suitable for individuals and domestic pets with allergic reactions and chemical substance sensitivities simply because natural cob can also be silica dust-free, an element often present in litter products produced from clay. A mineral that's been shown to become toxic whenever inhaled.
Because it is made of 100% hammer toe cob, it's safe in the event that ingested through pets or even humans, it has no poisons. Dogs may digest this without problem when they get to the litter container.

The hammer toe cobs normally provide high-performance smell control as well as compact clumping. It's completely safe for that environment too, it is actually flushable, biodegradable, septic-safe kitty litter.

II. Litter-Alley Fantastic™ bears and offers only products which are Biodegradable, Environmentally friendly, Renewable as well as Planet-friendly. The small 2lb totes are double-bagged along with recycled dietary fiber packaging. We do that so you'll have two little, easily throw away bags useful.

III. At Wintergreen Performance Give you the safety and wellness of the customers as well as their domestic pets comes very first. Litter-Alley Fantastic™ was made to end up being safe with regard to humans, animals and also the environment. Created using natural elements from whole-kernel corn along with other plant supplies, it is actually 100% biodegradable as well as renewable. The Horse industry offers found the product so secure for equine bedding since the soiled materials allows them the chance to come back the nutrients utilized in growing the actual crops back to the dirt. When properly discarded, the elements biodegrade and provide back the actual carbon as well as water, that have been used once they were developed (carbon neutral).

INTRAVENOUS. Flushable* as well as Septic Secure The ingredients act like those utilized in foods, but possess a low nutritional value. The materials will decay (cellulose dietary fiber and starch) with the naturally happening bacteria processes within the septic container system without having killing the actual bacteria because chemicals might do.
*The Condition of Ca encourages the actual disposal associated with cat fecal material in garbage and tries flushing kitty feces within toilets or getting rid of them within drains. The strong waste will break up in the actual land complete approximately 6 months. Please observe that most homes with septic container systems tend to be sized and created for the amount of people that'll be living in your home. Therefore you should note which flushing an excessive amount of cat litter previously or as a whole could overburden your septic program capacity. The bacteria inside your system needs time for you to digest the actual cellulose materials to break up the waste materials.

V. Safe for those cats of AGES Since it is made of food or even feed quality ingredients it's safe with regard to kittens over 2 months of grow older through "elder" felines. All hammer toe cobs tend to be kept within an enclosed atmosphere, on cement floors as well as monitored frequently for dampness content to avoid premature decomposition. This keeps the merchandise free associated with dirt as well as debris. Generally however, veterinarians don't recommend which kittens under 2 months use cat litter.
Litter-Alley Wonderful is asking almost all their customers to talk about their experiences to achieve as a lot first-hand information as you possibly can to assure our customers obtain the highest-performing, dog, people as well as Earth-friendly kitty litter feasible. You tend to be invited to talk about your thoughts with the contact all of us page from www. NaturalCornCatLitter. com.
The hammer toe cobs really are a by-product from the seed business. Extreme care may be taken to maintain them in the proper dampness content and free from dirt as well as debris. Routinely examined for cat litter box quality overall performance of assimilation and deodorizing capacity. Cat proprietors, pet shop owners, vets, animal shelters, etc. just about all agree. Litter-Alley Fantastic™ natural kitty litter box consistently outperforms anticipation
This superb kitty litter box is produced without any additives. Steam is actually injected within the pelletizing procedure which assists the cob to create microscopic dimension particles that instantly snare urine smell to leave your house free through cat container related smell. No fragrances or scent added therefore no tell-tale indicators.
These tiny particles additionally absorb fluid so effectively it immediately clumps. Compact clumping helps to ensure that the urine doesn't seep, sink or stay with the sides from the litter container. Unlike clay-based or additional cat litters currently available. It clumps upon contact, the actual balls (clumps) help to make scooping very easy, Convenient as well as economical since the excess (clean) litter box stays within the box.

MIRE. Reduced Amount makes this Top quality Litter Long-lasting The high-quality as well as long-lasting features are based on its hammer toe cob characteristics. As an effect, two 2-lb. bags associated with litter usually last 1 cat a minimum of a 30 days if correctly maintained, LitterAlley WILL SAVE YOU CASH They suggest starting the actual box along with 4 pound and changing the eliminated clumps along with fresh litter box. Depending about the size and quantity of cats that is much lengthier than the majority of litters.
Litter-Alley Fantastic™ clients have just about all said they need not use just as much litter, and thus, they discard less, as well as save upon purchasing expenses. Our condo dwelling clients have raved in the simplicity associated with flushing the actual used litter box. This product is really a pet, people as well as planet-friendly kitty litter because produced from 100% organic corn cob. Natural ingredients which deliver sophisticated odor manage and clumping normally. It is actually biodegradable, flushable, septic-safe. By using this bi-product from the corn seedling industry assists the United states farmers fully make use of the corn they're growing. Clay kitty litters tend to be mined through pits and therefore are not the renewable source. Clay litter box will sit within the landfill for several years without disintegrating.

VII. Scientifically Confirmed & Higher Performing Litter-Alley Fantastic's item is stated in Iowa and produced by Best Cob through corn cobs which are a biproduct from the corn seedling industry. It's been used within the equine industry for several years and may be shown to be safe as well as effective bed linen for farm pets.
Using the very best parts from the corn cob as well as sifted to obtain exactly the best pellet dimension. With little if any dust. Corn Cob includes a natural inclination to heap, neutralizes ammonia within urine to totally eliminate odors to have an odor free cat litter box. * This absorbs fluids so successfully 2 bags inside your litter container would maintain over 1 gallon associated with liquid.
Litter-Alley Wonderful Natural Hammer toe organic kitty litter is actually provided solely by Wintergreen Overall performance Supply. To learn more about this particular awesome kitty litter make sure you visit world wide web. litteralleyfantastic. com
Wintergreen overall performance supply is actually headquartered within beautiful Fight Ground Wa. They focus on holistic, organic and natural products for various kinds of animals. Make sure you visit their own website from www. wintergreenperformancesupply. com


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